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SAWA SAT does not have a private server under its management... We are only distributors of external servers and always make sure that servers meet our subscribers' needs in terms of content, quality, stability and stability.

What is iptv?

IPTV is a system based on providing a digital Internet Protocol (IP) streaming service via computer networks, which often operates using broadband Internet lines (broadband). In general, the fundamental difference between IBTV and traditional television systems is the use of computer networks rather than traditional broadcasting methods to communicate the viewer's visual material.

What is the SWASAT Subscription?

It is a subscription that includes a group of global satellite channels and Arabic encrypted and unencrypted in one subscription as well as a continuously updated film library and series different from the normal satellite channel system, that the channels here come via internet servers and not via satellites, that means you need a good internet speed so that the channels work excellent.


SAWASAT does not have a private server under its management... We only distribute external servers and always ensure that servers meet our subscribers' needs in terms of content, quality, stability, and stability.

Can I run a SAWASAT subscription on more than one device?

Of course yes you can run a SWAsat subscription on more than one device but you can only watch through one device ( you can't watch on more than one device at the same time) and this is to protect your subscription.

How is your quality of service?

We always strive to be the best, and we try to overcome all the obstacles and difficulties to provide the best service we can, but in return you should know that internet channels are not like ordinary satellite channels, here there are many updates and many variables, so naturally you find weakness in some channels sometimes, and then they are repaired or deleted or... We do not have the quality of 100% service, but competition in those with the highest quality.

How fast is the internet required to run channels?

Need good internet speed, so that at least 30 MB, We'd prefer it to be above 50 megapixes, but there's no fixed number to determine. Because often the real Internet speed that you have is not the speed that you already subscribe to, However, there are other things that affect the quality of channels such as device type, software and delivery method, so we are always advised to try before subscribing.

Is a trial subscription different from a paid subscription?

There's no difference whatsoever. The test subscription is the same as the 100% paid subscription, there is no difference except in the duration of the subscription because the source of the channels is one of the same server. If you find your test subscription bad, we do not advise you to subscribe, because it will be the same result in the payment, and if you find it excellent and steady and there are no problems in broadcasting and channels, it will also be that God willing in the paid subscription.

Are there +18 channels in your packages?

 We never have +18 channels in our subscription. 

How can I view the list of channel names?

Of course it is possible by requesting an experience to recognize the full channels and test their quality.

How do I request a SAWASAT Trial subscription?

For a SAWA SAT Trial subscription please email us on WhatsApp to get in touch faster

Should I order a trial before subscription?

Of course yes, we advise you to because after paying and subscribing we cannot replace or cancel your subscription if it does not work well, and if you request to subscribe without experience, it is at your own risk.

How long is the trial subscription?

The duration of the trial subscription is 12 hours.

What payment methods do you have?

We provide easy and safe payment methods

Visa - Master Card - Paypal


To learn more about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies click here 

Just contact us to be provided with your payment invoice.

When will I get a subscription after ordering and paying?

Subscription delivery time immediately after payment confirmation up to a maximum of one hour (60 minutes).


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